Top Rechargeable Universal Batteries

One of the best ways to live a greener lifestyle is to invest in rechargeable batteries. There are many types of batteries on the market that can be recharged. The ones you choose will depend on the items you’re charging. For example, some batteries are best for low energy consumption electronics, like remote controls. Explore the top rechargeable universal batteries to get an idea of which ones suit your lifestyle.

Two Major Types Of Rechargeable Batteries

·        Lithium Ion Batteries

Unlike regular lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries are rechargeable. Lithium ion batteries are among the top rechargeable universal batteries on the market today. Lithium ion batteries can store more energy that other rechargeable batteries of the same size and weight. This is because of the high energy density of these batteries. Lithium ion batteries discharge energy at a slower rate than other rechargeable batteries. This means that lithium ion batteries are able to hold onto their charge for longer than other rechargeable batteries.

·        Hybrid Batteries

Hybrid batteries are made of both nickel and metal hydride cells. Hybrid batteries are fully charged when you get them, unlike most rechargeable batteries on the market. This is beneficial because you can use the batteries immediately after purchasing them. Hybrid batteries will remain charged for several months, making them the top rechargeable universal batteries for low drain devices, such as flashlights.

 Popular Rechargeable Batteries Brands

Several companies make lithium ion batteries, including Sony and Panasonic. When shopping, don’t confuse basic lithium batteries with lithium ion batteries. Lithium batteries are not rechargeable. There are some electronics that will only work with lithium or lithium ion batteries.

Eneloop batteries made by Sanyo are among the top rechargeable universal batteries you can find. These batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times and they will retain a charge for more than one year. E8GE 1000 batteries are another type of highly rated hybrid battery. They have a super slow discharge rate and can be recharged up to 1,000 times as well.

Rechargeable batteries aren’t any good without a quality battery charger. Choose battery chargers that prevent both overcharging and undercharging batteries. Find a battery charger that can charge several different sizes of batteries and several batteries at the same time. Many chargers have a display that will show the voltage of each battery and the charge status. This way, you’ll know how much longer it will take to fully charge your batteries.